About me

People who have really known me have said that they see a fire within me, but I never quite agree. I have always thought of myself like waters; ocean and sea. There are waves inside of me. Violent, gushing waves with amorphous faces. There they generate, at the ocean’s core heading for the seas; of the size of a behemoth. They rise over the blanket of waters as if claws of some predator. These incessant waves furiously roar through, racing past the length of the oceans and seas transiently. Sadly, they die at each stride. Those huge waves diminish as they go on, lessening by the moment and when they do slap the shore, they are nothing compared to the original waves. They are merely a specter of that actual wave; a ghostly tiny ripple compared to those infant monstrous undulations. This is how my thoughts progress; this is how me and my mind are like. It all looks terrifically beautiful at the core of it but alas, my voice and my words, as outlets barely do any justice. Hence, the scripts that this blog contain will merely be the waves that kiss the shore, nothing more, for nor can you grasp the sea, let alone the ocean, and nor can I present it for you, even if I wished to.



2 thoughts on “About me

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  1. You are the sea itself and the waves that crash and splash the shore. But there is also a wildfire. Somewhere hidden needed to be discovered. The ocean is what defines you. I’m so proud of you.


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