You Who Inquires of Me (translation of a Pushto poem)

I have been inactive here since eons and life has unfolded and flitted, and that too at an ungraspable pace with experiences and alchemic transformations which I do not have the capacity to encapsulate in words. But, in my defense, in all sincerity, they cannot be encapsulated in words, so here we are. But eurekas are in order now that I have returned. This semester (4th one), I had picked up Pushto language course. It was such an amazing and exciting experience. I think I can converse at an introductory level and have even tried it with a heavenly sweet boy named Kamran at Light House Market, and it had felt so good. Ramblings turned short, I really came here today with a Pushto poem we had read and listened to in class and it moved me to a soulful level. My sentimental heart felt the effects to deep deep depths. It made me wanna translate it and post on my blog here:

Ta che mata wa’ye che pa cha baande shaida ye,
Za pa ta shaida yam wa ya ta che yaar da cha ye.

You who inquires of me, ‘Who are you devoted to?’
My answer is ‘You’, say who are you enamored to?

Za che qabarjan wum ashiqi mi gardan maat krro,
ta che laka we hum hagha haasi kibriya ye

Your strong passion has wilted my once held-high head,
Yet You remain donned in your majestic garment.

Marg me pata wale Khudai akhtar krro na pohegam,
Sa de hasil hum shta ka mutlib pa marg zama

Why ask of my death, it is an Eid unknown to me,
Are you to gain something from my absolute grief?

Sta da ishq da turi kaparai da Rahman zaar sha,
Da hum asaa’n kaar de zama yara ka pa da ye

Rahman offers up his head for your Love-sword’s sake,
For Your cause this sacrifice too is easy to make.


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