Fire & Ash

Where do you flee, starting fire within this chest?
Stay, let the ashes fly, the play isn’t over just yet.

لگا کر آگ سینے میں، چلے ہو تم کہاں؟
.ابھی تو راکھ اڑنے دو، تماشا اور بھی ہوگا

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  1. Of course it does, Z. It always would. Nobody, I repeat nobody could do any Urdu work of writing true justice by translating it to English. And to answer your question, no, it is not by me, of course. I have had a keen interest in Urdu Shayari since the better part of this year (wonder if I shared about this with you or not). The ideas and thoughts behind these shairs, their grand formation, the poeticism, the intimacy, the inebriate nature of them are such that you won’t find them in any other language. Hence this was just my rough crucifying-the-dignity-of-Urdu attempt at translating this igneous pair of verses to English.


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