Fire & Ash

Where do you flee, starting fire within this chest?
Stay, let the ashes fly, the play isn’t over just yet.

لگا کر آگ سینے میں، چلے ہو تم کہاں؟
.ابھی تو راکھ اڑنے دو، تماشا اور بھی ہوگا


When There’s Poison In Her Head

“… And then it began to settle in me, you know, the solemnity of the situation…

“I mean I’m there, right in front of her while she has another of her… attack, and it’s… it’s crushing to see. I feel like… like I’m being gutted like an animal.

“She’s there, right in front of me, roaring and screaming with glittery eyes and a… a body personifying agony like she’s… she’s s.. seizing and… sh… shivering so hard, with her hands flailing vviolently and all – an utterly beautiful disastrous mess, really… Imagine looking… imagine the one you’re madly in love with going through that… Imagine…”

He sniffs and carries on. Continue reading “When There’s Poison In Her Head”

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