Hey, You

Hey, you – the one resting their chin over their folded arms on their side of the car window, while the others hoot and laugh beside you in the car.
Yes, you – the one leaning against the balcony railing alone in the chilly winds, while the others celebrate in the halls and rooms inside.
Yeah, you – the one sitting atop the grassed land with your eyes fixed above at the otherwordly infinities, while the others now are nowhere in sight.
Yes, you – the one with their chin rested upon their knees, sitting on the chair and looking out the window at 5 AM, while the others weave their mundane dreams.
Psst, you – With their legs dangling in the waking waters and their head gazing ahead, while the others snuff out bonfires and fix their tents.

Yes, you are the one being referred to over here. You deserve to know that you are as beautiful as the stars that you hold your gaze against.








Now… where were we? Yes you! sorry to have your inner monologues disturbed… Would you care to give a slight peek into the pulsing electricity that keeps the city inside your head alight even under this sombre night? Just a soft insight, maybe?

You enjoy this risky silence, don’t you? Why risky, you ask? Because you fear this very pulsing electricity in your head – that would short-circuit the whole city’s wiring at times. These scrambled thoughts seep out when there is this silence, don’t they? They make you breathless like that infinitesimal instance of waiting – expanded to a length of minutes – when a bomb detonator cuts a wire, but is uncertain about what’s to come. So, it’s risky. But you enjoy it don’t you? This paradox, this contradiction, it’s funny no?
But hey worry not, it’s absolutely fine. Just keep looking out your car window at the vanishing world; at the racing skies. They’ll keep your electricity pulses safe. Just stay leaning against that chilly railing and look at the forgotten stars above that twinkle wildly after midnight, just like you. They’ll keep your electricity pulses safe. Just stay seated over those wet shards of grass and marvel at that silver disc that never betrays its love for the night. It’ll keep your electricity pulses safe. Just keep looking out of that window, sitting on your favorite chair and bathing in the transient moonshine that rays in through your window, because you’ll soon see the dawn mount these skies. It’ll keep your electricity pulses safe. Just keep dangling your legs and revel at how water gurgles against them meanwhile you stare at the yawning sun. The dawn finally has mounted, hasn’t it? Your electricity pulses were kept safe, weren’t they?

Let yourself be assured, You, that there is no one else in this very moment that you have to be other than you yourself. You are a tiny slice of Heaven, and there always will be someone amidst that herd of others who eyes you with awe dripping down their senses like drool because they see you. They may hide themselves, but they’re there; just too shy to actually show themselves.

You might be the sparkling stars that twinkle wildly after midnight for this sleeping, dreaming world… but there are some who stay awake just to bathe in your light.

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