Scathed Susurrus

Night maunders thick,

Blotched with dim-lit stars that yet bother to strain.

Barking, howling dogs; crickets chirping in distance,

Dreary streets lit only by sullen lights

Of not the moonless sky.


Heaths lay bleared;

Some anchor is this night – its very air awry.

A grim reminder of a once successful transaction,

Now beyond expiration

(26th’s marked on the calendar; oh now I see, now I see).


With vile breath,

I taint the air murmuring your name.

A name so divine – chunk of lead on my tongue –

Gulped by the leering air around –

Left behind are trails of scathed susurrus now.


Glistening tears simmer,

Underneath sheaths of these wretched eyes

That once worked like that of a basilisk,

Snuffed out vapid are now, like that of a man blind;

Lonely I’d lie again tonight.

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