Scathed Susurrus

Night maunders thick,

Blotched with dim-lit stars that yet bother to strain.

Barking, howling dogs; crickets chirping in distance,

Dreary streets lit only by sullen lights

Of not the moonless sky.


Heaths lay bleared;

Some anchor is this night – its very air awry.

A grim reminder of a once successful transaction,

Now beyond expiration

(26th’s marked on the calendar; oh now I see, now I see).


With vile breath,

I taint the air murmuring your name.

A name so divine – chunk of lead on my tongue –

Gulped by the leering air around –

Left behind are trails of scathed susurrus now.


Glistening tears simmer,

Underneath sheaths of these wretched eyes

That once worked like that of a basilisk,

Snuffed out vapid are now, like that of a man blind;

Lonely I’d lie again tonight.


This Celestial War

Skies fall not, bearing weight of all stars,

They hold this combat between light and dark.

The deeper the night creeps…

The brighter is the stellar yield,

Some peace instills this celestial war.

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